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The foundation to a GREAT education

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From birth to age 2, infants explore the world around them using their 5 senses. In our Infants Program, we encourage their development by providing materials that they can safely see, touch, taste, hear and smell.

The activities for our Infants Program:

-Our trustworthy Infant Program is all about building relationships with the child and family helping them both understand that we are safe, we are welcoming, and we want to build trust.

-We provide a App for each family to see pictures and important information about their children such as eating, sleeping etc.

-Daily we sing, we dance and we focus on making sure that milestones are being met through the activities we provide such as tummy time, mirror play, sensory exploration and more.
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Here, at A Giants Preschool, we pride ourselves on being the foundation of your child’s educational experiences, and we aim to make those experiences GREAT!

We believe that children learn through play, therefore, the activities we offer are fun and exciting for all, however, we tailor our curriculum to your child and the stage of the development they are in.

Toddlers will experience activities in:

The development of Social skills-working with and communicating with friends, entering into play with others
Language skills-building vocabulary and the meaning of new words, communicating with others
Exposure to numbers, colors, letters, and shapes
Large and small motor skills-pre-writing skills and strengthening muscles for running, jumping, dancing, etc.)
Potty training assistance, Family conferences to report about growth and development.
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As a child reaches the preschool stage of learning, the levels of learning increase. Our philosophy of “meeting each child where they are and grow them from there”, allows us to tailor age-appropriate lessons and activities to each child’s age and stage of development.
Our preschool curriculum consists of age appropriate activities that challenge the child’s thinking, problem solving skills and tests their knowledge of important information like letter, shape and color recognition.

Our preschool curriculum consists of the following components of early child development:

Social skills development-communication, cooperative play, and understanding others needs
Math skills-counting, building/stacking, number, and shape recognition)
Science exploration-exploring different materials, sensory play and exploring with 5 senses
Language development-vocabulary development, letter recognition, communication

Self-help skills-potty training, increases independence in feeding, dressing, and toileting
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About Us


We are on a Mission here at A Giants Preschool to provide a safe, fun learning environment that is nurturing, stimulating and creative inspiring children of all ages to Learn Laugh and Play

You can count on us for your Quality Childcare needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe and fun learning environment that stimulates creativity among children as they learn, laugh, and play.

Our Philosophy

Our laser focused Mission combined with our philosophy of meeting each child where they are socially, emotionally and academically, each child is treated, loved and taught as the individuals that they are.

Captured Moments

Take a peek at the fun learning activities that foster the academic and social growth of children.


Captured Moments

Take a peek at the fun learning activities that foster the academic and social growth of children.


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