Our Programs

The key to helping children learn better is by having Age-appropriate Programs.



From birth to age 2, infants explore the world around them using their 5 senses. In our Infants Program, we encourage their development by providing materials that they can safely see, touch, taste, hear and smell.

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Here, at A Giants Preschool, we pride ourselves on being the foundation of your child’s educational experiences, and we aim to make those experiences GREAT! We believe that children learn through play, therefore, the activities we offer are fun and exciting for all, however, we tailor our curriculum to your child and the stage of the development they are in.



As a child reaches the preschool stage of learning, the levels of learning increase. Our philosophy of “meeting each child where they are and grow them from there”, allows us to tailor age-appropriate lessons and activities to each child’s age and stage of development. Our preschool curriculum consists of age-appropriate activities that challenge the child’s thinking, problem-solving skills and tests their knowledge of important information like letter, shape, and color recognition.


Before And After School

Are you looking for a licensed, safe, reliable alternative for your Elementary school student? We offer Before and After school programs for the surrounding schools. Nutritious meals and snacks are provided Here are a list of schools we have school buses for


Evening Care

Parents with alternative schedules may find it challenging to find care for their little one’s. We offer a evening shift for families with such challenges.